Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

Q: "Will joining Sigma Kappa take away from my daughter's college education?"

A: No! Nationwide, Greek women have a higher GPA than non Greek women. Many sisters in our own chapter also testify that joining a sorority has helped them learn important skills like time management, teamwork, and consistency - all skills necessary for a successful college career. 

Q: "What kind of financial commitment would joining Sigma Kappa require?"

A: Chapter dues differ by school, but here at ETSU, a Sigma Kappa sister pays around $500 the first 2 semesters, and then around $300 every subsequent semester. 

Q: "What can a Greek organization offer my daughter that other campus organizations cannot?"

A: Going Greek offers young women endless opportunities. Not only does joining a sorority give young women a 'family' and a support system while away at college, but it teaches them invaluable life skills - networking, time management, leadership, and many more!

Q:"Can parents be involved in Sigma Kappa?"

A: Absolutely! Newsletters get sent out to parents monthly, and we always plan events for parents to attend a few times each semester. Our Vice President of Alumnae Relations does a fantastic job at filling the gap between active members, alumnae, and parents.